Floor Care Services


We Handle All of Your Floor Maintenance Needs

Does your flooring need attention beyond sweeping, mopping and/or vacuuming? Are you frustrated with stains that just won’t come up?

We are proud to provide a variety of floor care services that, when combined together, will result in the attractive appearance that your office/store/service center desires. A clean facility will improve both customer and employee satisfaction!


Floor Maintenance Service Includes:

  •  Dust Mop Floor

  •  Scrape/Detail Corners and Edges floor

  •  Remove Surface Scuff Marks

  •  Scrub Entire Floor Using AutoScrubber

  •  Wet Mop All Edges and Corners

  •  Buff Floor Using High-Speed Burnisher

  • Final Dust Mop of Entire Floor Area

Strip and Wax All Vinyl Tile Flooring:

  • Apply Stripper to All Tile Areas

  • Agitate and Remove All Old Wax and Stripper

  • Allow Floor to Dry

  • Apply Three Coats of High-Quality Floor Finish

Deep Scrub and Recoat:

  • Dust Mop Floor

  • Scrape/Detail Corners and Edges of floor

  • Remove Surface Scuff Marks

  • Deep Scrub Floor, Using AutoScrubber

  • Apply One Coat of High-Quality Floor Finish

Carpet CARE:

  • Low Moisture cleaning methods

  • Carpet extraction (hot or cold)

  • Rug cleaning

  • Spot cleaning

  • Stain removal

  • Degreasing

  • And more


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