Deep Cleaning Process

Deep Cleaning Process

“How’d you do that?”

We often get asked that question after people see how we make their rooms sparkle. It’s not magic...but it’s also no secret.

We provide an exclusive Deep Cleaning process. Cleaning isn’t just cleaning with Xcel Clean. Instead, we intentionally use special tools, equipment, and chemicals that result in the cleanest restrooms possible. It’s Deep Clean...with a capital D and a capital C.

Our cleaning professionals thoroughly apply disinfectant cleaner to all non-painted walls, stalls, fixtures, and floor surface areas. From there, we power clean the insides of those pesky toilets and urinals. We dry polish and wipe valves, dispensers, doors, and frames. Then, we Power Dry all faucets, flush valves and other applicable fixtures. Finally, we Vacuum Dry all floor areas to make sure it’s ready for use. By the time we’re finished, it’s not just clean...it’s Xcel Clean.